Cecilie Bahnsen

Longevity & Authenticity 

The challenge
The up-and-coming entrepreneurial Danish fashion brand Cecilie Bahnsen, known for their romantic and beautiful dresses, wanted a better way to emphasize and financially utilize one of their fundamental beliefs and pilar in their production and design – the sustainability and longevity in the full lifecycle of each of their designs.

The solution
TrueTwins has for this exclusive and small customer created a customized solution tapping into the Cecilie Bahnsen unique universe and look, enabling them to visualize the full sustainable product journey.



Mark Cross

175 Years of Innovation

The challenge
Mark Cross renown legacy is one that only few other luxury brands can compete with and lives because the brand historically has embraced change and innovation as a part of their design and development. Planning for their future steps, Mark Cross experienced two major issues 1) reducing the increasing counterfeit market of their products and 2) gaining more control of the growing resell market of their vintage bags. 

The solution
TrueTwins and Mark Cross has implemented a chip in each bag hidden behind the logo. The chip is coded with a unique ID that make it impossible for anyone to copy the chip or the data on it. Further the chip will self-destroy if it is tried replaced. This way Mark Cross not only has gained control over the continuous authenticity of their newly launched products, they also can ensure authenticity of former products.




Customized jewellery with unique journeys

The challenge
Founded by Manuela Gandini, Manuganda is the result of a dream of combining the passion for design and art with intrinsic tech and IT knowledge. Today the Milan based jewellery company creates uniquely designed and bespoke pieces for exclusive customers based on the creative mind of Manuela herself and with innovative tech systems, whilst sourcing materials from locals and integrating custom requests from each client. Thus the Manuganda team wanted to make sure that each unique design and production process is properly and esthetically documented for the customer to follow.  

The solution
By integrating a serial number into each jewellery piece that is given along with an authenticity card, TrueTwins and Manuganda have made it possible for the Manuganda bespoke clients not only to ensure the authenticity of their piece but also to follow along the design process in real-time, from the first meeting until the piece is given to the final clients.