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Product Level Data for Business Acceleration

Go beyond the circular economy and traceability,
the digital passport technology provides for a new level of product data
amenable to accelerate business across the value chain.

150+ brands using TrueTwins

“via QR codes powered by TrueTwins you will be able to see where the fabric comes from and where the pieces are manufactured.

Sustainability documentation that scales


We’re a team of technologists and climate experts with a mission to provide a trusted and distributed digital ID platform for Climate Impact Leaders, Certifiers with the ambition of creating an ecosystem for Brands, customers, suppliers and regulators to trace and document impact on a product level.

Our vision is that every product in the world will have a digital passport that gives transparency of its provenance and its footprint throughout its production and consumption life cycle, thereby differentiating and elevating authentic brands and sustainability practices.

TrueTwins Passport Toolkit

Product Passport Ledger

Purpose-Built, Incorruptible, Sustainable

Physical Identifiers

QR, NFC, Fingerprint – Flexible and Integrated

Provenance Tool

Transparent, Connected, Easy to Use

Brand Portal

Authenticated, Verified, Analyzed

Consumer Service

Wallet, Passport, Immutable

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Digital transformation studio and lab strø is the TrueTwins implementation partner behind the on-going development, maintenance and client solutions.

strøm.lab is a purpose driven digital transformation studio: devising, building and scaling digital solutions and cutting-edge products that fosters impact and aims to leave the world a better place for the future.

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SUSTAIN A/S is the braintrust and inventor of the passport technology utilised by TrueTwins.

Aiming to facilitate Scope 3 product data reporting and verification, SUSTAIN A/S has invented a Ledger based Digital Passport Solution closely aligned with the emerging EU regulation. Targeting the EU Draft Sustainable Product Regulation, SUSTAIN A/S has created a solution that enables consumers to trace a product’s journey through the entire product life cycle; from sourcing to ownership, resale and recycling.